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SuSTAIN® - 5 Gallon - Red Oak

SuSTAIN® - 5 Gallon - Red Oak

Price: $ 395.95

SINGLE coat stain system that is easy to apply, offers lasting beauty and a 5 Year Limited Warranty.  SuSTAIN is a premium semi-transparent penetrating oil based stain developed for use on new wood or over existing oil based finishes. There is no better choice to beautify and protect your wood.

Primary Uses:  Exterior, Interior, Log Homes, Wood Siding,
                     Fences, Shingles and other Vertical Surfaces


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Single Coat Application
  • Easy Application by Brush or Spray
  • Safe For Interior or Exterior Use
  • Excellent Water Repellancy
  • Highlights the Beauty of Your Wood
  • Compatible with most chinking and caulking
  • Renews most old oil base finishes
  • Green Qualified- Low VOC formula
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

SuSTAIN Colors